Kiss The Bricks!

Over the last 20+ years of being a huge Spring Classics fan, cobblestone aficionado, and wheel junky, there’s one rim manufacturer with one particular rim synonymous with a laundry list of classics wins, especially in Paris-Roubaix:

The mighty Ambrosio Nemesis.

This particular style of letters between spokes was pioneered by the likes of Ambrosio, FiR, Mavic, and Wolber back in the 80’s. Some of us went so far as to personalize them with our last names. The blip-blip-blip of the letters on a low profile box section eyeletted rim is pure sex!


A few years ago H PLUS SON really did nail it with the TB14 rim. A truly faithful homage to the Ambrosio Nemesis in clincher form. Ever since its debut I’ve built a ton of these for both rim brake and disc too, anodizing after machining lends itself to work both ways very well. If you don’t know the quality of H+S, the materials and craftsmanship is impeccable. That translates to great build qualities, and ultimately a great riding wheel set.

But something was missing.  That certain magic style that we embraced so much, and here the perfect rim, a blank canvas, and lasers… Superissimo provides that magic!

Direct from the SUPERISSIMO Sérvicé Coursé:::

You will give everything. March past gates of ouchie, dammit, merde and embarrassoise. There will be crying and hating of the choice you made to be on a bike today.

Complete corporal vacancy will override your consciousness and involuntary evacuation may occurre.

The patch of brick will suddenly jump before you in the eyes.

You will go right to it with all of your heart. All forces of physics/gravity/nature/and breakdancing will proceed with zero impedimente.

You have kissed the bricks.

Happy Spring is Coming. We have been sharing this knowledge, and made NICE partnere with the fantastische wheel makings of the Magnetic Wheel Company. Now Preparéz for the Kiss.