A View from the truing stand


Rodeo Adventure Labs

This is what can happen when bicycle afflicted individuals get together for beers on a cold January evening.  A few of us Rodeo Lab techs are currently riding these prototypes, trying our best to shatter them into little bits on the wickedly rocky trails here in Colorado.

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Rock the Wheels!

LL Cool J once said “don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years”. Despite my time as a famous Hollywood actor, Rock the Wheels! , I stayed true to the game son, been rockin’ the wheels the whole time!

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“The hub, heart of the wheel. A good hub will outlast the spokes and the rims many seasons over, they are worth the time and effort to be taken care of and given new life.”


In addition to full custom bespoke wheels some combinations get built regularly, sometimes you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the shop. You’ll also find deep discounts on refurbished wheel sets, hubs, tools, and accessories.





Custom wheels specifically made for you and your needs.

Full wheel rebuilds with your hub, new spokes, nipples, and rims.

Hub bearing service, cartridge and loose ball.

Axle swaps and replacements.

Turnaround times of 1-3 weeks depending on project, stock, and ship to location.


All manufacturer warranties apply to new builds.

Lifetime crash replacement.  Accidents happen unfortunately, and should you total a wheel, I will rebuild it at a discount.

Warranties are not transferable and only apply to the original owner.


In 1986, Greg LeMond was on TV winning The Tour, and I was gearing up for my very first Century ride. As a teenager new to the world of road racing, my first mentors, “the Robbs”, were integral in immersing me into a life of cycling. They introduced me to riding in all disciplines, road, track, mtb, cyclocross, and taught me how to be a self sufficient mechanic with a big emphasis on wheels. Two of the most significant things I took from their teachings: 1. The wheel is the most dynamic part of the equation, and is the most critical upgrade one can make to their bike. 2. A great wheel set will make an average frame ride much better, it doesn’t work the other way around.

…… A catalyst if there ever was one.

Headquartered in Denver Colorado, and the mighty Rocky Mountains serving as the ultimate test for rider and equipment, these are hardcore rides, with hardcore riders, and hardcore wheels are required. Every wheel from Magnetic Wheel Co. is hand built from start to finish, utilizing nearly three decades of experience behind the truing stand, and a lifetime on the bike. I build Tried & True combinations with carefully handpicked high quality components of what I’ve been personally riding, sometimes multiple seasons out in the field before becoming available to you.

Magnetic Wheel Co.
Steven Pamlenyi